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The mission of Chicago Collegiate is to equip ALL students in grades five through twelve with the academic skills, intellectual habits and character traits to succeed in college of their choice, strengthen their communities and change the world.

Our vision is to ensure 100% of our students complete college within six years of high school graduation.

Sending scholars to the college of their choice is central to our model. Scholars cannot graduate from our high school without a minimum of two letters of acceptance to a four year college or university, so that they can truly choose their next step.

When the Pride of 2021 enrolled at Chicago Collegiate in 2013, the college graduation rate in our neighborhood was 2%.

The time has come for us to take the next step in getting this number to 100%.

The Pride of 2021 earned over 200 college acceptances and over $3.6 million in merit-based aid as a class.

They will head to college this fall. To commemorate this important season in our Countdown to College, we are hosting our first annual Golf Outing. We hope you can join us!

Sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

Your investment helps us ensure we can continue providing a life-changing education for scholars on Chicago's Far South Side. We also look forward to welcoming sponsors to our private VIP room where we will share exclusive content prior to the event.

For questions, more information, or to secure your sponsorship, please contact Madeline at [email protected] or 952-356-7377.