Our Core Values & Beliefs


We have six core beliefs that guided our school design:

  • We prepare for college every day in every way.
  • All students need excellent teachers who drive exceptional results.
  • All students need a rigorous, standards-based, college preparatory curriculum focused on the core subjects.
  • All students need a joy-infused, rigorous and structured school culture to accelerate academic achievement and empower students.
  • All teachers and staff must use the best information and data available to constantly assess, reflect on, and improve our approaches.
  • Partnership between staff and families is crucial.


Our five core values are at the heart of our culture:

  • Excellence: We commit to high quality work, strong habits of scholarship, and ambitious goals. Academic growth is incredibly important to us.


  • Grit: We work hard through all personal and academic challenges. We are determined to chart our own destinies and live the lives we want for ourselves. We learn from our mistakes, reflect on our areas of improvement, and work hard to achieve our dreams.


  • Pride: Our actions demonstrate we want all of our teammates to earn college and change the world, so we respect the learning of our teammates at all times, whether that means patiently waiting for a teammate to get an answer or being on-point in class ourselves. More than a team, we are a family. We look out, care for, and go above and beyond for each other. 


  • Courage: Courage is an essential part of our DNA at Chicago Collegiate - we recognize and value the courage it takes to come to a new school and commit to working harder and longer to earn admission to and success in college. We value the courage it takes for families to choose a different kind of school that requires more work and commitment from students and families. We appreciate the courage it takes for teachers to constantly take feedback and increase their effectiveness. We value courage in all its forms, whether asking a thought-provoking question in seminar or the courage to get extra help after school.


  • Zest: We love to learn and show enthusiasm and excitement as we develop our passions in preparation for our journey to and through college.