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Collegiate Family Testimonials

At Chicago Collegiate, we are committed to providing families with a high-quality education option.

We asked parents and guardians why they chose to send their child to Chicago Collegiate.  Here's what they said:

"I appreciate Collegiate for making my daughter and me feel like family. Better yet, for making us family!"

"Their passion and compassion is exceptional and geniune."

"Rigorous and challenging objectives."

"For the rigorous education and the discipline."

"They see the potential in students."

"They invite family partnership."

"For the level of educational opportunities."

"Strong academic preparation for higher learning."

"Chicago Collegiate gives my child an opportunity to look toward her future."

"I feel SAFE knowing my scholar is in good hands at Chicago Collegiate."

"I chose to send my child here because I wanted something different. It worked! He really likes it, and he is really learning."

"I love their methods of teaching -- my child can understand what's going on and reach out for help when she needs it."

"We send our child to Chicago Collegiate because we believe in the system that this school has created to propel our child above the basic CPS system. We think that this school is a light in the darkness."

"I chose Chicago Collegiate because learning is taught in a fun and exciting matter and not just as something to be done in school."

"I feel that my child has grown here and has caught up a great deal in his learning process."

"Chicago Collegiate is a great opportunity for any child to expand their growth and development."

"I wanted more, and he was not getting that from the previous school. He is now -- we are very happy!"

"I believe in their goal to send children to college and to teach children that you have to earn everything you get in life."

"Because the teachers are awesome and they teach my daughter on the level in which she needs to be taught."

"My child needed more organization and attention in the classroom. A different school system was very much needed."

"A better education and a chance to get prepared for college. Also, I believe the teachers and staff genuinely care and want to see the students succeed."

"I wasn't happy at her previous schools, and Chicago Collegiate sounded like they were up to the challenge. I'm quite happy with the results."

"After visiting Chicago Collegiate, I believed it would give my child a better chance to achieve and go further in life, and the school and myself have the same goals for my child's future."

"I like how the teachers are excited to teach my child."

"I love that the staff is involved and actually care about the children learning."

"Overall, the enrichment is good, and my children are in a safe environment."

"To prepare him for college!"