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You are our heroes who make college completion achievable for our scholars.

Meet a few of them below 

Latonia came to us as a founding scholar in 2013. As a fifth grader, she entered reading independently at a second grade level. Over time, Latonia opened up about bullying and lack of support or mention of college at her previous school, and grew to be at the top of her graduating class, taking on additional challenges such as a course at the local community college.

Thanks to your support, Latonia will graduate from our high school in June 2021. As of March 2021, she has received 14 college acceptances and $450,000 in merit-based financial aid. Latonia is also a published author.

We will reveal her college selection at our virtual event on May 6, 2021 at 8 PM (CST).

When Caleyah first came to our school, she was reading at a first grade level.

With your support, her hard work, and the help of her teachers, we were able to double typical growth speed with Caleyah; she grew six grade levels in three years!

Now, Caleyah is an accomplished High School reader and writer and is very active on Student Council. She is a junior this year and is on track to graduate in 2022. Along with her classmates in the Pride of 2022, Caleyah has been preparing for college applications through the OneGoal program. She's already looking forward to her Signing Day in 2022!

Alfredo is also a member of the Pride of 2022, but he didn't start out in that class! With the flexibility of independent learning, Alfredo was able to skip eighth grade and start High School early.

With your support, today, Alfredo is continuing to challenge and push himself by taking advanced Math courses at the local community college and preparing for college in OneGoal along with the rest of his Pride. With his ambition and drive, we know Alfredo will go on to great things and we look forward with his college debut in 2022!

We are so proud of Elijiah! He joined us in Middle School as a founding scholar. His time in our High School has been well-spent figuring out his future passions and interests. Elijiah will graduate this year and hopes to pursue a STEM/technology-related career.

We celebrate Elijiah as he earned a coveted spot as a Chicago Scholar last year, and has received six college acceptances and $164,000 in merit-based aid as of March 2021. 

Elijiah is still waiting on responses from seven additional universities, but we can't wait to see where the future takes him!

A founding student, Anissa also came to us reading independently at a second grade level in fifth grade and had felt unsafe and unfocused at her previous school. Her reading assessment score was in the 7th percentile nationally. By the time she reached our High School, Anissa's reading score lept 80 points to the 87th percentile! Her brother Alton's journey with us has been similar; in his first three years with us (fourth to seventh grade), he grew 4.5 grade levels in reading.

With your support, Anissa has blossomed and shown poise and strength as a tour guide and representative of our school. She has toured colleges all over the country and as of March 2021, has been accepted to seven universities and received $188,000 in merit-based aid. We can't wait to see which college Anissa selects on Signing Day!



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